I Spent yesterday Afternoon watching the final Six Nations with my lovely Mum. Lacklustre end to the competition. Italy perked up and Ireland won, as I predicted last year 🙂

Just a little word of warning to Mr. Bastareaud, of France. Twice in the last game my lovely Mum saw you upset ‘HER’ Little Leigh Halfpenny and she is very cross with you.
So cross, in fact, she removed the water element from your name when she instructed the ref to get round the other side and look at you – both times 😀
Watch out if you ever visit ‘The ‘Shire’ young man, Big as you are, Your card has been well and truly marked. She has a walking stick and isn’t afraid to use it.😀

We are hoping to see the Peter Rabbit movie tomorrow as part of our weekly road trip.
My lovely Mum and me, I mean. Not me and the Bastar (eau) d

Just popping in

Hello, Come through. You’re lucky to catch me.

I’ll pop the kettle on. I’ve only popped in to water the plants and check the fridge.

Look at this. A soggy lime ! It was in the salad drawer.
I know ! You’re right, I DO hate them.

How very odd, I don’t even remember buying it.

Ooh, here’s a pint of yoghurt. Oh! No it’s not.
I think this milk’s on the turn.
Smell that, what do you think?

You what? OH! Are you? I wonder what brought that on? Just lean over the sink.

Here, Move over a bit and I’ll tip this away.
Blimey, it’s a bit lumpy isn’t it.
Oops, did that get on your hair?

Well It’s blocked the plughole now.
Mind, Let me run the tap.
Ah! That’s not good! It’s never going to wash away in lumps like that.

Move your head, I’ll try the cold tap instead.

Oh, Stop it! Are you laughing or crying?

Gagging? You really do over react sometimes.
Wow! From here I can see your roots could do with a touch up.

Hey! I remember now, That’s not a lime at all.
It started out as a lettuce before I went away.
I really have been away longer than I thought.

Here’s a towel and the hairdryer. Stop crying now or you’ll electrocute yourself.