Bear with me

Hello, You! Come on in.
It’s been a while. That jumper has always suited you, so you are right to stick with it.

That stain is nearly invisible now, isn’t it?

The kettle’s just boiled. Sit yourself down. Coffee?

Tea? Oh, okay. Not a problem.

As everyone knows, I only drink coffee but I’m sure I have a teabag somewhere.
Here it is. It’s the one you had last time so I know you like the taste.

Luckily I put it to one side in case of emergencies.

Crunchy? Is it?.
I think the kettle needs de-scaling, to be honest.
I’ve been busy writing elsewhere so I haven’t been in Mary’s Literary Corner much.
Little things get overlooked, don’t they?

Ah, well, you can pretend the crunch was a biscuit.
I see you haven’t brought any.

Ooh, that reminds me;
I have left a little poem in here somewhere.

Bear with me … … “RROOAARRR!!!”

Oh! That’s gone all over hasn’t it. I forgot how jumpy you can be.

I’ll get you a cloth.

That’s lucky. It’s in roughly the same place as last time.
If you get off now and pop it into soak it’ll be practically unnoticeable.

I’ll read this poem to you next time. Come back soon.


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