Am I overly calm or do people over react to simple accidents? I was taking my lovely Mum for a routine blood test five minutes from her home. I was looking at the traffic at the junction and was stationary. I honestly think the woman in front of me rolled back as we waited at the junction but she leapt out of her car and acted like I had just deliberately tried to wipe out her entire life by my car tapping her back bumper. She was off the scale. Screaming and posturing, she wanted my phone number and where I worked. The louder she got, the calmer I was. Life’s too short to worry about people like that. Not a scratch to either vehicle. I expect she will have whiplash and stress. Entirely caused by all of her vein-inducing venting and pantomiming. Cynical? Maybe. I truly have had bigger impact bumps with trolleys in a Supermarket and we all say; “Sorry!” and just get on with life.

I will leave it to the insurers.


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